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The Chronicles of Patrick's Travels

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February 14, 2000 - April 13, 2009

In April of 2000, Patrick Sean became the focus of the travels of the Day family.  For 9 years, we were inseparable.  On April 13, 2009, bone cancer brought to an end a relationship and a journey seen though the eyes of an Irish Wolfhound who traveled 88,979 miles by RV, meeting people and dogs in 31 states and 1 Canadian Province.  These chronicles, written from the viewpoint of Patrick as he traveled the country, are being kept alive in memory of this kind, gentle, outgoing Wolfhound who loved everyone he met.  We have been honored to be able to accompany this magnificent hound and introduce literally thousands of people to him in person and thousands more via the internet.  The pain of our loss  will remain with us but the joy that he brought us for nine years is immeasurable.  I hope that you will enjoy reading of his travels from his perspective as he traveled virtually all of the United States west of the Appalachians.  -  Michael

Patrick's Travels

I am not just any Irish Wolfhound.  I am the traveling Irish Wolfhound.  Thanks to the retirement of my surrogate parents, Michael and Georgia, I hope to visit each of the continental United States and many of the Canadian Provinces during the next several years.  That way I can play with dogs from a variety of backgrounds and develop a truly rounded personality.  A well rounded personality is important to an Irish Wolfhound. Don't you agree?  I intend to become one of the most widely traveled wolfhounds in North America.  All this travel would be very hard on an Irish Wolfhound if it were not for the advent of recreational vehicles.  I started my travels in a 34' Airstream pulled by an Ford Super Club Wagon.  I had my own puppy condominium in the van (they removed the second row of seats so I have lots of space).  After 2 1/2 years, they changed my world and bought a Safari Sahara motorhome and a Turbo PT Cruiser.   I like being way up in the air so I can look truck drivers in the eyes as they pass.  Just as I got used to the Safari (well 3-1/2 years later) they bought a Newell Coach.

Through my website, I will tell you about Irish Wolfhounds, where I have been, where I am and show you photos of my travels and photos of me, including the special photo section Focus of an Irishman.  I even have family photos, anniversary photos, the DataStorm Rally, Lance and Melissa's Wedding, our new Grandson, and the Top Dog Fashion Show.  A special thanks to Rick for the Dog Run at the Newport Dunes.  For more information regarding life in an RV see one of Michael's other websites and check out the section on A Fulltimer's RV.  You can see photos that Michael took (without ME of all things) on a Steinbeck Photo Tour in the Monterey/Salinas area and on a Route 66 Photo Tour.  You can read the article published in the Dog Collection about me here.

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1 Month Old   8 Pounds

7 Years Old
146 Pounds

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Height 33 1/2" Weight 149 pounds

I am 9 years old

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